Equipment Leasing For A Startup Business

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Startup businesses need the right equipment to succeed. Get financing for your equipment quickly and easily with our lease programs.

If you have a startup business, you might have trouble applying for a loan specifically if you have no business credit history and because of the risk connected with startup businesses. Many traditional loan providers as well as financial institutions won't be able to provide you with the financing you need to get started. If you need to get equipment, vehicles, tools, or machinery think about startup equipment financing. Leasing equipment offers businesses numerous benefits, listed below.

Benefits of Equipment Leasing

It costs less than getting equipment. In the beginning, you will not have to pay the full costs as you would if buying the equipment you require. When you lease the equipment, you don't need to find someone who will extend your credit to make purchases.

Upgrading Equipment is Easier

If you buy your equipment, you will not have enough cash to update it for some time. Leases are flexible and you can lease higher-quality equipment once your lease expires. There are constant upgrades in technology, and also you could desire or require a greater tech option for your business.

Avoid Unnecessary Delays

Instead of attempting to obtain a loan to purchase the equipment and waiting months for a loan to get approved, you can lease to avoid unnecessary delays in your business operations.

Capital Allowances

  • You can declare the prices as capital allowances if your lease lasts five years.
  • Fixed payments through the term of the lease
  • A business line of credit typically has variable rates, but lease payments are fixed no matter what happens out there. When you choose to lease, you will not be affected by high rates of interest. 

Tax Benefits

When you lease equipment, business owners can write 100% of their monthly payments off their taxable income every year.

Costs and Types Of Leasing Equipment

There are a couple of variables that determine the overall cost of leasing equipment for your startup business.

Price of Equipment.

 The more expensive the equipment, the higher the total cost.

Credit report.

 The better your credit rating, the better rates you will certainly get for your business. However, you can still get financing if you have fair or bad credit as long as you have collateral, a reasonable deposit, or a collateral deposit.

Every lease is different yet usually, businesses want to provide 2-5-year leases with the rate of interest in between the ranges of 8.5-20%.

Equipment leasing applications are easy and fast to submit. 

Tips for Application

  • Be ready to define how the equipment will benefit your business. Must have an established personal credit history. If you have no credit of your own, you can use a co-signer.
  • Submit a letter of explanation with your equipment lease application to help us make our credit decision.
  • Be prepared to describe to the equipment financing company any problems that may occur. 
  • Do not send numerous lease applications to various companies. Lessors will certainly wonder why others have rejected your application. For a better chance of approval, find a loan provider that accommodates your specific business needs. 


To keep things effective, recognize all the kinds of equipment your business needs as well as combine the purchase under one lease and one payment.

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