What's New in League of Legends Patch 13.5?

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The League of Legends 13.5 patch update is small, but each change affects the game.

The League of Legends 13.5 patch update is small, but each change affects the game. From some big nerfs to Planck's shells to Triumph and Grasp of the Undying changes, there's still plenty of variation on some of the game's most popular legends and runes. With the Yuumi rework for this patch, some definite meta-reorganization is coming.

When is LoL patch 13.5 going live?

LoL patch 13.5 is expected to be released on March 8, 2023, according to Riot Games' official timeline. We refer to the actual release time. These are the critical times for your server on patch day:

3 p.m. PT (North America)
5:00 am GMT (Western Europe)
3 am CET (EU)
8:00 a.m. KST (South Korea)

There will be downtime following the start of the patch, and all matchmaking and competitive queues for all League of Legends servers will be disabled approximately 3 hours before the patch goes live.

Yuumi patch changes

Any patch involving Yuumi will be controversial, with her gear refocused on healing and shields rather than direct damage amplification, and she has a new friendship passive that rewards her for focusing on a certain ally. Every one of its skills has been changed, but her playstyle is very similar, and her ability to stick to allies without getting locked out has been crucially maintained. It's hard to say if she'll return to meta status immediately after the change.

Ashe, Azir and Pantheon Changes

Azir, Ashe, and Pantheon's skill packs will also be tweaked. These changes will fundamentally change how some of these champions play, and Riot is trying to limit certain playstyles. Among them, Azir has a large number of changes, and many nerfs, but some are huge buffs.

Jungle ganks nerfs

Riot made some sweeping nerfs to jungle ganks this patch, specifically focusing on hitting early ganks harder while rewarding players who prioritize farming camps. As a result, Riot nerfed the experience that unglers get from the lane while buffing junglers and junglers.

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