Best Picks: TVS, Atul & Euler Three-Wheeler Vehicles Making Waves in India

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Delve into the world of TVS, Atul, and Euler three-wheelers, exploring their range of efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly vehicles that redefine urban transportation.

Three-wheeler vehicles not only revolutionized by easing conveyance for daily commuters and business operations in intracity. 


Further, this blog provides the best TVS, Atul, and Euler 3-wheeler models. Please read the description with price and specifications. 


Euler HiLoad EV

White Euler HiLoad EV - 170 cu. ft Closed Body Cargo Three Wheeler Vehicle,  2200 Cc, 1213 Kg


Euler three-wheeler models promote a cleaner environment. Likewise, Euler HiLoad EV is fitted with a Lithium-ion battery with 12.4 Kwh capacity.


Moreover, this battery provides 150 km/hr after fully charging within 3.5 hours. Its quick charging feature helps the fleet owner to conduct cargo deliveries successfully.


Besides, Euler has a GVW of 1413 kg, providing 688 kg of payload capacity. Additionally, the (2200 mm) wheelbase ensures a stable ride through evenly distributed weight. 


As concluded, the Euler HiLoad EV model price is Rs. 3.94 - 4.20 Lakh.


Atul Shakti Cargo

Atul Auto

Atul manufactures cargo models that are efficient for intracity deliveries. 


Similarly, Atul Shakti Cargo has a four-stroke water-cooled engine for enhanced performance. Besides this, it has a 12V, 55 Ah battery, ensuring a sustainable ride. 


Apart from this, the overall weight in GVW is 1020 kg. Additionally, the (2110 mm) wheelbase ensures stabilized ride and high-balanced ride.  


Atul Shakti Cargo delivers an impressive 36 kmpl mileage. Hence, the Atul 3 Wheeler price range is Rs. 2.50 - ₹ 2.85 Lakh.


TVS King Kargo

TVS Motor

Equipped with an EFi - Si engine producing great power, TVS King Kargo becomes powerful. Besides, 12V, 32 Ah battery capacity ensures more sustainability and a cleaner ride. 


Overall, GVW is 864 kg, allowing 426 of payload capacity. Additionally, the wheelbase of 1990 mm ensures a balanced ride even on flyovers. 


Furthermore, the model is suitable for intra-city rides. Hence, the TVS 3 wheeler price range is between Rs. 2.10 - ₹ 2.50 Lakh. 


Know more about the given models from Truck Junction.

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